The Southern Synod of the United Reformed Church

Southern Synod is one of the 13 Synods of the United Reformed Church; 11 for England, 1 for Scotland, and 1 for Wales. In fact, Southern is Synod 11 and the largest.  

The Synod serves 160 churches situated in the far south-eastern corner of England with a large coastal boundary that stretches from the Thames estuary in the north, bearing east through the Medway Towns and then alongside the Straits of Dover finally curving around the edge of the English Channel westwards through Hastings and Eastbourne as far as Bognor Regis and Chichester


 The Synod Office is at East Croydon United Reformed Church. It remains the focus of the Synod’s central functions and the base for the Moderator, the Synod’s administrative, finance and property staff and the core Committees and Trust. Local churches may wish to make initial contacts with their Area Officers, but they are also encouraged, whenever necessary, to contact the Office. The offices are within 3 minutes of East Croydon Station. 

Southern Synod functions in four (4) areas called Synod Areas and two (2) United Areas to which some authority and powers have been devolved. It must be stressed that there is still one Southern Synod, but meeting and functioning in areas and coordinated by its central committees. 

The Synod still has one Moderator, whilst the Areas have Area Leaders. 

For more information on the Southern Synod please see www.southernsynodurc.org.uk




Synod Officers 

Moderator                                                                       The Reverend Nicola Furley-Smith

Clerk (Honorary)                                                            The Reverend Derrick Sena Dzandu-Hedidor

Treasurer (Honorary)                                                    Mr Ian Fleming

Convener, Synod Trust (Honorary)                             Mr Alistair Wilson 


Synod Office Staff 

Finance Officer and Trust Secretary                        Mrs Catherine Kingdom 

Finance and Property Administrator                       Mr Simon Harding      

Moderator’s PA & Office Manager                            Mr Nick Foulger        

Office Administrator & Synod Clerk’s PA                 Miss Lauren Kane 


Field Staff 

Children’s and Youth Development Officer               Mrs Cathy Glazier 

Development Officer for Education & Learning        The Revd Dr Richard Goldring 

Mission Officer                                                             Mr Martin Hayward

Property Officer and Assistant Trust Secretary         Mr Guy Morfett

Training and Development Officer                               Vacant 


Administrative Support for:

Children’s and Youth Development Officer                 Synod Office Administrator

Mission Officer                                                               Synod Office Administrator

Development Officer for Education & Learning          Synod Office Administrator 


The Synod staff work with appropriate Synod Committees, servicing them as necessary.  They also work closely with the relevant finance and property people in the Synod and United Areas (S/UA) and develop their relationships with Area Meetings and local churches.  They offer support to S/UAs and local churches as necessary and appropriate – and local churches should feel able to turn to them for help.   


Synod Office

East Croydon URC

Addiscombe Grove



T: 020 8688 3730

E: office@urcsouthern.org.uk